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Dream Network

About Dream Network

Dream Network is a Blockchain Social media platform built around content sharing and talent exhibition and reward. A Platform for creatives and talented individuals to showcase their craft and work of art, it also creates an avenue for content creators and creators to promote their services while allowing our users to invest in whatever content or individuals they found appealing.

We believe in decentralized networks

Our ultimate goal is to open a new chapter in the way humans share snapshots of life and interact with each other.
Dream Network will push forward the vision of a decentralized future by accomplishing three tasks

  • Give ownership of content back to social media users
  • Integrate freedom of speech as a core principle in our platform
  • Build a reward system where contributors are rewarded for content

Token info

Dream Network will create an open-source BEP20 compliant token with fixed supply. Dream Token is a utility token and ownership of Dream Token does not confer any right or entitlement other than the ability to contribute to the Dream platform

Token Info

Information of Token

Token Name Dream Token
Token Ticker DREAM
Token Supply 10,000,000,000
Blockchain Algorithm BEP20
Decimal 9
Contract Address 0xD49B48cB930E5287aCD1F349d4655bC3DC7CBe27

Our Roadmap

Whitepaper & Strategy Documentation
Research Methodology

Website Development

Community Set Up and Publicity

AMA & Promotion

Token Sale

Smart contract audit

Pancakeswap Listing, Burgerswap Listing

CMC, Coingecko and Blockfolio listing

CEX listing

Test for Beta 1 before Launch

Platform Development Stage 1

Technical implementation of interface design: adaptive layout, client-side,logic development

Smart Contract & Token Integration into the platform.

Media Decentralization

Resources Decentralization(Codes & Function)

CEX Listing

Marketing & Promotion

Annual Report

Market Push for Talent Awareness Programmes

Integration of security module for content protection and copyright infrigements.

(After finishing the Alpha version of Dream App) — we will drastically improve social media aspects and launch our mobile beta version.

implementation of BEP20 chain token system integrated into a platform and support for side-chain Bridge.

Wallet Integration (Integrate a wallet solution into our Dapp. )

(Adding an encrypted P2P messaging feature to our ecosystem using Telegram\Discord Module)

Partnership with Talent Exhibition and Event Platform

Partnership with Top Digital Media House ( Spotify, Apple, American Idol)

More Community Feedbacks and Research

(After integrating our encrypted p2p messaging we are planning to introduce in addition p2p voice and video calls.)

Launch a New Reward System (Pool, Turbo-likes, Voting)

(Our main goal is to add a Reward system to the Dream Network ecosystem, which is fair and balanced.)

More Marketing Campaign

CEX Lisiting

Annual Report

Increase in customer base

Strengthening of the Social Media Privacy and Content Protec tion.

Platform Benefits

Dream Network delivers value to creators by providing a flexible solution that engages the friends, fans, followers, customers, employees and other stakeholders around their business to promote their content. Dream Network was designed for maximum flexibility to support a wide range of creators goals.

A few examples of how businesses can use Dream Network include:

Community Building
Through the Dream Network platform, creators are able to reward users for engaging in activities that build their community. A creator runs a contest that incentivizes actions such as signing up for an email list, following them on social media or downloading their contents. This broadens and deepens the relationship between and creator and its community.

Content Promotion
A platform creates packages to give away as part of a contest to build awareness for talents and creatives to sell contents. To increase the number of entries for their contents, the incentive action is to share the contents and users get more entries with each referral. Awareness for the talented individuals and their content sales are increased by incentivizing users to promote their craft for them.

Charitable Causes
A charity creates an ongoing contest to increase the engagement of its supporters. Users that are enrolled in the contest are rewarded for referring new donors and sharing important cause content. This deepens the relationship that the charity has with its supporters and celebrates their success.

Talent Advocacy
Talented Individuals use the platform, through sharing content to their network, to benefit them in many ways. Benefits include raising awareness for their craft through positive exposure, the recommendation of products or services and gifts.

Local Businesses
A local business creates a contest to promote a new service. The contest includes a promotion or deal, for example a discounted pre-paid voucher. The business sends notification of the contest to their email list and social feeds, users that share the contest to their networks are rewarded and the business get increased awareness and new customers.

Governance & Incentive
The system will automatically decide which users are active enough to become moderators. Moderators will then get an overview of all entries reported by the community. If a mod approves a reported entry, the user who reported the entry will be rewarded as soon as at least 50% of other moderators come to the same conclusion as the first moderator If the mod denies the entry reported by a user, the user will be officially warned and informed about false flagging entries. Warnings for false flagging will expire after two months without receiving another warning.

After three standing warnings a user might face a temporary ban from Dream Network and the user's wallet will be frozen. After the ban expires, the user gets one more chance to prove that he will be a viable part of the Dream Network community. If a user is banned once, and receives two more warnings, the user's account will be permanently banned and his tokens will be added to the Rewards Pool.

Digital word-of-mouth marketing primarily takes the form of a user sharing an creator’s message to other individuals in their social network.


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